√ Free Download Apk Tings! 11.52

√ Free Download Apk Tings! 11.52

4.6 (9)Apps, Socialby

Description of Tings!

“What’s pink, wrinkly, and hangs out your …dungarees!”
Comedy is the link, C, between the two previously unrelatedconcepts, A, and … B!

Upon first usage, the app might request you to enable permissionsfirst (Android 6+). Please do so!

‘Tings!’ is a … potentially-hilarious sharing-empoweredsentence-based Spoonerisming, Lisping, and Rhotacismingcomedy-engine, or meme-machine! It is often even funnier if oneconsiders its output to be euphemistic! Simply read a Ting, and letthe picture form in your mind! It can also create comedy Ring-Tonesand Stickers! It does exactly what it says on t’internet …Literally!

Or, to put it another … way!

‘Tings!’ is a … free Android app, or about a pound for the fullversion !-) A comedy-engine, a meme-machine, a funny ring-tone andstickers generator, take your … pick !-)



So, I wrote this in order to learn how to develop for Android. Theinspiration was a pen-and-paper game where one person writes thestarts, and another the ends, on a piece of paper with the rightedge folded over, for secrecy (see last picture). Then read themout aloud, in your best comedy voice !-)

A ‘Ting’ is a either a Singular Ting, or a Plural Ting, and israndomly composed from a sentence with no ending, and wordsdescribing an object or objects.

Tings always occur in Tens, the collective noun for which is a’Tingle’. Thence, after each Tingle, only the best Ting may bechosen for sharing – ‘Survival of the Funniest!’ Thus, spread thelaughter, via comedy-natural-selection, to WhatsApp, Twitter,Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Snapchat, Pinterest, and/orvia email! All shared Tings are saved, for Tings-On-Demand, comedyRing-Tones, and … Sticky Tings!

If you purchase the app (an in-app, one-time purchase of only 59p),your Shared Tings can be voice-output to your “Ringtones/” folderand set as your phone’s COMEDY RING-TONE !-) The title page’s menuallows access to “Set … Tings”, where you can also choose torandomise your ring-tone hourly or daily, from your list of SharedTings. Also, purchasing will unlock the Sticky Tings Engine, thusyou can stick your funniest Tings wherever you like !-)

* Tings Sticker Engine for use with A4 (8 per sheet) stickylabels:
* please see the picture about the printer setting !-) IE: If youright-click the stickers image file on a PC, and select ‘Print’,you need to uncheck the ‘Fit picture to frame’ setting (you’ll seethe previewed picture become slightly smaller), then the 8 stickersimages will match the labels … poifectly !-)

Play responsibly! Yes, it’s also text-to-speech, and some Tingsmight be a bit rude !-)

If you’ve got a sense of humour, enjoy … laughing!

Donald Trump expected Mexico to pay for the … kebab!
Watch me while I rugby tackle that … tree!
His favourite pastime was juggling with … felly-jishes!
We will be back after the break to find out if Susan can eat this… telegraph pole!
People who live in glass-houses should never throw stones at …drones!
An octopus usually has eight … black eyes!
On the tombola, I won the worst prize imaginable, a …wet-wipe!
Hilda wrote a lengthy poem about a missing … vibratingobject!
Condoms come in various sizes, even to fit a … kebabskewer!
If there’s one thing I cannot stand, its having a wet … onionring!


App Information of Tings!

App Name Tings!
Package Name com.alderson.dave.tings
Version 11.52
Rating 4.6 ( 9 )
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and up
Updated 2018-01-04
Installs 500 - 1,000
Category Apps, Social


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