√ Free Download Apk GEWA Connect 1.1

√ Free Download Apk GEWA Connect 1.1


Description of GEWA Connect

GEWA Connect helps users with special needstocontrol the appliances in their home and lets them useexistingapps in smartphones and tablets. Users become moreindependent,more in control of their lives and able to live afulfillinglife.

The GEWA Environmental Control products are being used all overtheworld and are known for superior reach and quality. WithGEWAConnect the physical room and virtual world are merged and bothcaneasily be controlled.

The app has an intuitive Environmental Control function thatletsyou control your home from your smartphone or tablet. It iseasy tocreate different pages with remote commands, where a pagecan be aroom, a device or anything else where you want to groupremotecommands together. Predefined sequences of commands andrepetitionscan be sent with one click.

The app is easy to use and lets you turn on and off the lights,openwindows and the front door, operate your TV and stereo etc. Itmakesyou become more independent and feel safe both in your homeand atwork.

GEWA Connect also lets you use most apps the way they wereintended,without reducing the functionality. Use Facebook, yourfavorite webbrowser, or other apps on Play Store just like anyoneelse.

The system is operated by any type of switch: such asbuttonswitches, sip and puff controls or any type of switches thatsuitsyour needs.

The heart of the system is the Abilia Multibox that is connectedtothe device, a smartphone or tablet, via Bluetooth. The GEWAConnectapp is installed on the device and acts as an extra humaninterfacethat receives commands from the switches attached to theMultibox.Remote commands are also sent from the app to the powerfulIRtransmitter on the Multibox to control your environment.

You can easily switch between row and point scanning dependingonwhat app and what function you are using at the moment.

With GEWA Connect you are up and running in an instant, there isnoneed for long installation procedures and timeconsumingconfigurations. Since you are using the standard appsprovided withthe smartphone or tablet you and your helper don’tneed to learnany special apps.

To be able to use GEWA Connect you need to have an AbiliaMultiboxand a software license. Once downloaded to your Androiddevice,GEWA Connect will help you to setup the Multibox andconfigurescanning settings and permissions.

Visit our website at www.abilia.uk for further information [email protected]

• Row scanning. With a switch connected to the Abilia Multibox,GEWAConnect provides row- and item scanning of most features inthephone. You can start apps, navigate content and web pagesetc.
• Point scanning. In cases where row scanning is insufficientyoucan switch to point scanning to replicate mouse navigationandclicks. This is useful for operating graphical interfaces orinapps where row scanning support is limited.
• Switch menus. Menus are available to perform actions otherthan“tap”, such as scrolling or quick navigation to home screen.Along-press menu is also available for more efficient use suchasquickly switching between scanning modes.
• IR ECS app. With the ECS app you can control appliancesandelectronics in your home via IR. Build your own page setsandswitch easily between editing and operating via along-pressmenu.
• Settings app. In addition to the Setup wizard all settingsarealso available in an intuitive scan able settings app.

This app uses Accessibility services.

App Information of GEWA Connect

App Name GEWA Connect
Package Name com.abilia.gewa
Version 1.1
Rating 4.0 ( 1 )
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Updated 2017-12-20
Installs 10 - 50
Category Apps, Medical


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