√ Download Apk 緊急醫療調節中心 EMRC 傷患後送 106

√ Download Apk 緊急醫療調節中心 EMRC 傷患後送 106


Description of 緊急醫療調節中心 EMRC 傷患後送

「緊急醫療調節中心EMRC」為一開發用於協助大量傷病患事件的緊急醫療應變系統,如八仙塵爆、高雄氣爆等,在短時間內造成區域醫院湧入多數急診傷患,均為大量傷病患事件。災難發生時,在現場的檢傷人員可使用APP取代檢傷卡將傷患資訊儲存至NFC手環內,接收到傷患的護理站人員也可讀取或修改手環內的傷患資訊,最後指揮中心經由同步更新至網頁上的傷患資訊替每一輛救護車分配傷患與後送醫院,如此一來檢傷、醫療、指揮中心與救護人員皆可藉由該資訊平台提供的資訊進行更有效的統籌、調度與決策,並使各單位免去填寫紙本作業之困擾。Emergency medicalresponsesystem “Emergency Medical Center EMRC adjustment” is toassist thedevelopment of a large number of injured patients withevents, suchas the Eight Immortals dust explosion, Kaohsiung gasexplosion,etc., resulting in a short time most of the influx ofregionalhospital emergency injuries, are a large number of injuredpatientsevent. When a disaster occurs, triage personnel in thefield can usethe APP to replace the injured triage card will saveinformationinto the NFC wristbands, nursing station personnelreceived injuriescan also be read or modify information in theinjured hand ring,Finally Zhihuizhongxin distribution injuries andevacuation hospitalvia ambulance for each synchronized to updatethe information on thepage injuries, this way triage, medicalcare, and ambulanceattendants may be Zhihuizhongxin by theinformation platform toprovide information more effectiveco-ordination, scheduling anddecision making, and each uniteliminates paper work to fill in thepuzzle.

App Information of 緊急醫療調節中心 EMRC 傷患後送

App Name 緊急醫療調節中心 EMRC 傷患後送
Package Name com.emrc_transport
Version 106
Requirement Android 4.1 and up
Updated 2018-01-02
Installs 1 - 5
Category Apps, Medical


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